Donna Woodruff , Broker, Realtor

NEW BERN OFFICE - I was born a Georgia Peach but after 35 years I am proud to now claim to be a North Carolina Tarheel. New Bern is in my blood……New Bern is where my children grew up…..New Bern is my home. New Bern can also be your home…I can help you find it!


I will keep plugging your name to anyone we hear of that needs a realtor. We were so pleased with you professionalism and your demeanor. Our favorite part is you were never pushy with us and allowed us to feel like we were making the decisions instead of just worrying about the sale like so many others do! Again Thank You and I know we will also be using you again in the future!
Stephanie D.

Donna Woodruff = Awesome. My fiancé and I were driving around looking for a new home one day, saw a place that looked interesting, and simply called the number on the sign. Donna answered, and thankfully so. We ended up passing on this home, and many many others. Donna was always patient and on the lookout for us. She knew EXACTLY the type of house we were looking for, and did not waste our time showing us properties that did not fit our style. I knew that if she called me mentioning a house that was in our wheelhouse, that it was worth our time to check it out.
Donna was not afraid to give her honest opinion vice always trying to sell the property. She even put up with my, let's say, unique personality... with an honest smile. We loved her so much that when we shifted our home search to a town nearly an hour away we stayed with her. Sure, she did not know the area as well (how could she?), but she without a doubt was deserving of our continued business.
Donna always made herself available, handling all business in a better than timely manner. We finally closed on the perfect home, thanks to Donna. Use her!

R. Johnson

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