Getting to the “what” of your new home is the easy part.  It is three bedrooms, two baths and a great kitchen for entertaining?  Or it is a two bedroom bungalow?  But our question is “How"  What do we mean?  We want to know “How” you want to live. . . the 'Lifestyle' you dream of!

Historic Homes in Downtown New Bern

Is your dream home in the heart of downtown?  The  type of lifestyle where you wake every morning just steps from the confluence of the Neuse and Trent Rivers.  Do you dream of waking to the smells of fresh Cinnamon Buns from Bakers Kitchen?  Living downtown means walking home after dinner and filling the historic streets with the kind of laughter that can only happen with dear friends.  Life downtown means grabbing a quick gourmet “take and bake” meal from the Galley Store and telling your partner you slaved all day in the kitchen when really, you were on Middle Street and Craven Street to see what was new in your favorite Boutique.  When you live downtown, you'll watch the tourists take in our beautiful Historic Downtown all year long, but especially during the Spring Homes and Gardens Tour in April and in October for the annual Haunted Ghost Walk and MumFest.  And that’s when it hits you: You get to live where other people vacation!

Golf Communities in New Bern

Perhaps ‘How' you want to live is more of a Golf Community lifestyle. Your dream home is in a subdivision with a golf course, tennis courts, parks and sidewalks. You want to wake up on a Saturday and have the choice of a quiet morning on the screened porch, or a walk in the woods along the nature trail.  Or ride your bike to the pool or listen to the latest gossip while playing a round of golf.   In the afternoon perhaps you want to take the neighborhood canoe to the Homeowners’ day dock and take a cruise down Brices Creek.  And later, after dinner at the neighborhood restaurant, you want to take a leisurely sidewalk stroll or drive your own golf cart home with the kids squealing with delight as they all vie for the steering wheel.  You’ll see friends from the Country Club or the “sidewalk regulars” on your journey home.  Or, if you are feeling particularly active, an evening tennis match with the neighbor you are determined to beat just once!

Maybe ‘How' you want to live is a picture on a post card. . . .the Waterfront lifestyle.   Pink and purple sunrises over the Neuse River serve as your alarm clock. While the orange and red hues of the setting sun on the Trent River help you wind down your day.  Your neighbors are Cypress Knees, Great Blue Herons, Pelicans and Dolphin frolicking in the River.  You fish from your dock as you watch the young sailors learn the waters at the many summer camps that call the Neuse River home.  Or—maybe your dock is on the Trent River and you’ll laugh as a boat zips by with a family tubing—they’re going so fast just to see who can hold on the longest… smiling all the way!  Either way, this ‘How’ epitomizes the Southern Stereotype of Spanish Moss hanging from the trees, cool breezes blowing off the water and the ultimate feeling that yes, Life is Good.

Whatever your ‘How’ may be, whatever lifestyle you crave, you’ll find it in Eastern North Carolina and We will help you!