Property Taxes

Craven County

Property taxes are $.47 per $100 of assessed value. The last Craven County tax revaluation was in 2010. The next revaluation is scheduled for 2018.

If you live within one of the municipalities listed below, you will pay city taxes in addition to County taxes.

Area Municipal Tax rate per $100 of assessed value:

New Bern .41
Havelock .465
Bridgeton .50
Cove City .15
Dover .30
Riverbend .265
Trent Woods .17
Vanceboro .46

In addition to property tax, some areas in Craven County are subject to a special fire tax that is used to help fund the voluntary fire departments. For more information on property taxes and fire tax rates visit Craven County, NC 

Pamlico County

Property Taxes are $.6525 per $100 of assessed value.

If you live within one of the towns listed below, you will pay town taxes in addition to the County taxes assessed at $100 of assessed value. 



 Oriental .20
 Bayboro .225
 Stonewall .15
 Mesic .23
 Vandemere .20
 Minnesott Beach .18
 Arapahoe .00
 Grantsboro .05

Fire tax rates may also apply in some towns. Please visit the Pamlico County website for more information. 

North Carolina State Income Tax

Visit the North Carolina Department of Revenue website to see the Individual Tax Rate Schedule.