Precautions for all of us

Precautions for all of us

In this unprecedented time, and amidst this ever-evolving situation, corporate leadership at Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith is committed to the health and safety of our Realtors, staff, clients and communities. We have outlined recommendations to our agents and staff on hygiene, social distancing, and precautions they can take to continue with business.


At Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith, our mission is to empower people to make the best real estate decisions possible. We will continue to support our customers as they make real estate decisions to sell homes, buy homes and build homes. It is our intention to continue having this avenue open to our customers. Closings are still taking place, albeit without the customary handshake at the end.

We would like to share with you some precautions for home buyers and sellers during this situation and to help reduce the spread of the virus. To plan the next steps for you, be sure to talk with your Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith agent to discuss your options in regard to concerns of COVID-19.

Precuations for Home Sellers During COVID-19

We recommend that you, as a home seller, use these tips to help keep yourself and others safe and healthy during the selling process.


Ø  Do not hold any open houses. We recommend only allowing showings by appointment; this ensures that only serious buyers enter your home and minimizes the amount of foot traffic from the general public in your home.

Ø  Ask your agent to pre-screen buyers before they enter your home and to only schedule visits for those pre-qualified, short-term buyers with a low risk of exposure.

Ø  Place a placard in the entry of your home requesting that any person who has been recently ill, or have been in the company of someone who is suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19, not enter your home.

Ø  Provide easy-to-access hand sanitizer throughout your home.

Ø  Leave interior doors open so that buyers who tour the home don’t have to touch the handles when entering rooms.

Ø  Wipe down surfaces following every showing of your home.

Ø  If you start to feel ill or learn that you have been in contact with someone suspected to have COVID-19, call your Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith agent to discuss your selling strategy moving forward.

Precuations for Home Buyers During COVID-19

Our agents have been asked to share the following precautions with home buyers. 

Ø  Only tour the property if you feel healthy.

Ø  Ask your Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith agent to show you property instead of attending an open house. Virtual tours are also great options to touring homes.

Ø  Drive separately from your agent to the property.

Ø  Be considerate of the seller’s home and wash or sanitize your hands before entry, touching as little as necessary. You might also consider wearing disposable gloves for further safety.

Ø  Ask your agent to confirm with the seller’s agent that they have not recently been sick or in contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19.

Ø  Consider bringing your own booties and throwing them away when you’ve finished touring. Sellers often ask you to take off your shoes when you tour their home or wear protective booties that have been provided.

Ø  Be mindful of how much you touch things in the home and minimize contact with doors and hand railings.

Ø  Reduce the amount of time spent with other people in the same room. This “social distancing” practice can curb person-to-person spread.

Ø  Do not tour homes if:

o   You are currently self-quarantined because of illness or other reasons, you should not tour homes in person. Ask your Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith agent to share a virtual tour or video chat with you.

o   Do not view homes when you’re sick, feeling like you’re getting sick or getting over an illness.

o   We do not recommend touring homes after returning from international travel or travel that exposed you to a large group of people in close quarters, like large events.

We urge and implore everybody to be cautious, to be extra diligent in what they touch, and to err on the side of health and safety. We will remain committed to our mission and maintain flexibility as this pandemic evolves in the coming days and weeks. However, we do recognize that this situation is extremely fluid and we will adjust our strategies as necessary.


We value your business and we hope that this unfortunate global situation finds resolutions.


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